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Bulk Voice SMS provider in Nigeria (Robocall) voice sms service

We are one of the leading Bulk Voice SMS service providers in Nigeria, and we also offer bulk Voice SMS reseller Service in Nigeria and beyond at an affordable price see the details below. Signup Now

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Per minutes billing rates below

60 sec  = N14
45 sec  = N10
30 sec  = N7
15 sec  = N3


 Bulk Voice SMS broadcast cost per seconds

StarterUp to 10,000 Numbers 50kobo per seconds
Silver 10,000 To 100,000 Numbers40kobo per seconds
Gold100,000 To 1,000,000 Numbers30kobo per seconds
Diamond1,000,000 To 5,000,000 Numbers20kobo per seconds
Premium5,000,000 To 10,000,000 Numbers18kobo per seconds


Call 07014039333, 08140806869 for a better discount if you will send to large contacts.

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Bulk Voice SMS service provider in Nigeria, (Robot call or Robocall) you can record your message in your language or dialect and broadcast it to millions of people at once.

And with over 100 million GSM Phone numbers we have that are grouped by states and local government areas in Nigeria you can target your audience precisely.

Voice SMS service in Nigeria or Robocall is "the" service of the moment. This service is having very good success in Asia, Africa, and America. It takes advantage of the most popular service of mobile networks: SMS. Voice SMS offers the same type of service while adding all the richness and emotion of voice.

Bulk Voice SMS solution allows offering all the advantages of classical VoiceSMS while using the powerful and recognized multi-service platform that opens the support of all products for all range of capacities going from some E1 to hundreds of E1.

        Voice SMS service offers the following behavior:

  • a caller calls voice SMS service and leaves a message for the called user
  • called user receives either an SMS notification or directly an outcall of voice SMS
  • called user listen to the message and can reply with a simple click on the phone
  • callers can be notified that his message has been heard

Attract new customers by offering a service that works in a viral model. Neither receivers don't need to subscribe to receive a voice SMS nor users don't need to subscribe to send voice SMS messages.

Below are some key advantages to using voice broadcasting campaigns:


Instead of a standard SMS text message or ‘spray and pray email marketing campaign, voice broadcasting campaigns can be scripted to provide a personalized message that can pique the immediate interest of the recipient.

Consistency Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

When connecting with a large number of clients and prospects can be difficult to provide the same level of consistency when making voice calls manually. Launching a voice broadcasting campaign creates a 100% consistent and uniform message for your entire target audience to hear.


Voice broadcasting campaigns are relatively inexpensive and allow you to deploy a message through a medium not as widely used as other marketing channels. Voice broadcasts merit almost immediate attention, especially when transmitted to cellular phone numbers.


Interactive voice broadcasting campaigns allow recipients to listen to the voice message and use the phone’s keypad to interact with the system. Businesses can use this to send out phone surveys, confirm appointments and even direct the caller to another menu or the appropriate extension.

For more information call us on price call 07014039333, 08140806869 or click Voice SMS service to contact us

We take the lead as the best voice SMS service provider in Nigeria and other providers follow!


We have a long list of clients but listed below are a few of our happy clients


Time Keeper International LtdnigerinsuranceCenter for media development catholic arcdioces of lagos
oak pensionsrsl derivativefleet master
sb telecomspeoples democratic party pdp apc logo
irl logodebonair bookstoreFestrut group international ltd

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Bulk SMS Prices

0-999=1.60 kobo
1000-4999=1.50 kobo
5000-9999=1.45 kobo
10000-49999=1.40 kobo
50000-99999=1.35 kobo
100000-499999=1.30 kobo
500000-999999=1.25 kobo
1000000-2000000=1.20 kobo
2000000-5000000=1.15 kobo
5000000-10000000=1.10 kobo

Note that we deduct only 1 unit of sms per message

You can pay into any of the accounts below

Bank: GTBank

 Acc Name: Alternative adverts network services ltd
Acc No: 0171264192
Bank: GTBank

 Zenith Bank

 Acc Name: Alternative adverts network serv ltd
Acc No: 1014247724
Bank: Zenith Bank

After making payment send the teller number to 07014039333 or 08140806869

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