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Outdoor advertising billboard in adamawa state

Outdoor billboard advertising in adamawa state, Adamawa State is a state inside the North-East geopolitical quarter of Nigeria. As the slogan says “LAND OF BEAUTY”.  Adamawa derives its slogan from its beautiful mountainous websites and breathtaking panorama.


It’s a kingdom noted for its wealthy cultural historical past which reflects in its records, i.e. Dances, get-dressed patterns, craftsmanship, track, and cordial relationships. A billboard is a big outdoor board for showing commercials.


The phrase billboard is an American English phrase that dates back to 1845. It is a mixture of the phrase ‘bill’, from the Medieval Latin ‘bulla’ that means ‘decree or sealed report’, and ‘board’, from the antique English ‘board’ which means ‘plank, flat surface’.


Outdoor advertising billboards offer high viewing frequency to your target audience, and as they are placed on nearly every road and roundabout, they provide the most diverse range of places of other outside media advertising.


Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in adamawa state:

  • They are placed in custom-designed locations to be easily accessed by the audience.
  • It targets a diverse range of customers in different areas.
  • It brings recognition and strength to the brands.


The cost of outdoor advertising billboards in adamawa state

The average cost of outdoor billboards in adamawa state ranges from N350, 000 to N500, 000 per month (three hundred and fifty thousand naira to five hundred thousand naira) for static billboards


While for LED outdoor advertising billboards N600, 000 to N900, 000 (six hundred thousand naira to nine hundred thousand naira) per month.


Key locations of outdoor advertising billboards in adamawa state

  • Along Galadima Main Way Opposite Jimeta Main Mkt
  • Galadima Aminu Way
  • Besides Jimeta Modern Market
  • Muhammed Mustapha Way Jimeta
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