Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria and Leading social media marketing agency in Lagos


iesDigital marketing agency in Nigeria and social media marketing agency in Lagos

Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria and Leading social media marketing agency in Lagos
Let us work with you, to implement a killer digital marketing strategy for your business and watch your sales and revenue increase exponentially.
We have worked with both multinational companies and SMEs and the results have been off the roof.
Your products/services deserve maximum exposure on the internet, talk to us today.
Call us today on either 08140806869, 07014039333

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing has to do with the creation and dissemination of digital content through digital media channels like social media, landing pages, websites, email, mobile applications, etc.

It also refers to the promotion of digital content using a variety of strategies across channels like Search Engine Optimization SEO, paid ads, Search engine marketing (SEM), Social Media, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, websites, mobile apps, content syndication through, email, text, etc.

Out digital marketing in Nigeria covers the following;
1. Display campaign
2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)
3. Social media marketing
4. Search engine optimization (SEO)
5. Social media management
6. Video marketing
7. Email marketing
8. Website development
9. Mobile app development etc.
These days inclusion of Digital marketing strategies in your overall marketing mix is not just an option but a must, the reason being that it would guarantee Return on Investment on all your advertising campaign.

A hint about Alternative Adverts as a digital marketing agency in Lagos
In 2012 we started our digital marketing agency in Lagos, we had a mission to deliver quality services to businesses of all sizes, and being the leader in the digital marketing space in Nigeria, we have been opportune to help businesses of all sizes deliver good results, and we appreciate the trust and the confidence reposed on us as a digital agency of choice.

In the past decade we have worked with brands in various states in Nigeria and outside like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt Rivers state, Kaduna, Ogun, Ibadan Oyo State, Anambra state, etc.

We also have clients across different sectors of the economy like FMCG, Real Estate, technology companies, Fintech, Banks, travel, entertainment, betting, beverages, Health, government agencies, etc.
Digital marketing services we offer include

Display campaign

We develop a full-proof digital marketing strategy and ensure that the right audience is targeted using the Google display network and ad server to ensure maximum results. We also create all adverts banners.
Video Marketing
Video marketing is fast becoming a must when it comes to digital marketing with the emergence of YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other video sharing app, and since we understand the trend we usually create an engaging video to promote our client’s products or services.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

Search engine marketing grabs the attention of your audience at the right time
Research shows that 90 percent of people who research online know exactly what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have used the keywords you are targeting.

We would create a search engine marketing campaign with some keywords relevant to your brand and services.

This means that you’re getting your Brand and ads in front of a highly engaged target audience, who are actively looking for offers like yours – all for a low cost and without having to impose on them.

Social media marketing

We use the top three social media platforms, (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and leverage their individual uniqueness and varying audience to drive quality traffic to your business in a way that generates more leads for your business.

Objective: Leads, Impressions, engagement (Likes, comments, shares, interactions), and click-through action to your website for signup, download, etc.

Resources: Sponsored posts, Lead generation adverts (Signup action, download, etc.)

Social media marketing pricing packages in Nigeria.


Social media marketing campaign

1 Facebook Campaign The Facebook campaigns and sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales 50,000 N200,000 800,000
2 Instagram Campaign The Instagram campaigns and sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales N50, 000 N200, 000 800,000
3 Twitter Campaign The Twitter campaigns and sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales N50, 000 N200, 000 700,000



Social media marketing campaign

1 Facebook Campaign The Facebook campaigns, Sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales 100,000 N400,000 1,700,000
2 Instagram Campaign The Instagram campaigns, Sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales N100, 000 N400, 000 1,700,000
3 Twitter Campaign The Twitter campaigns, Sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales N100, 000 N400, 000 1,200,000

Social media marketing campaign

1 Facebook Campaign The Facebook campaigns, Sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales 250,000 N1,000,000 5,400,000
2 Instagram Campaign The Instagram campaigns, Sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales N20, 000 N1,000, 000 5,400,000
3 Twitter Campaign The Twitter campaigns, Sponsored posts drive user engagement and sales N250, 000 N1,000, 000 3,000,000

Social Media accounts management

Social media account management Social Media accounts management (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) minimum of 3 posts per week Account mgt N120,000

 Search engine optimization (SEO)

We make cautious efforts to optimize our client’s website and apps or pieces of content TO rank higher on Google and other search engines.

The key difference between SEO (Search engine optimization) and paid advertising (SEM) is that SEO involves “organic” ranking, which means you don’t pay to be in the top position on the Search engine result page (SERP)

Social media management packages in Nigeria

Our Social media management in Nigeria involves a process of analyzing your social media audiences and then developing a social media strategy that will be tailored to your needs.

We also create and post content on your social media profiles a couple of times a week depending on the package you pick, We also monitor online conversations, collaborate with influencers, monitoring and measure your social media activities.

Email marketing
There is bulk email marketing and email automation, in recent times bulk email marketing in Nigeria is not as effective as it used to be, as we often recommend email automation instead.

Email automation is a very effective way to communicate with potential customers or clients because it allows you to send emails to specific users at specific times.

Email automation enables you to create emails that reach the right customer or clients with the right message at the right moment, without you being present on your system.

We will set up automated messages leveraging some email marketing automation tools.

Website development
The importance of website development for your business can not be overemphasized, because a well-developed and optimized website will do the following
A. legitimizes your business
B. Improves your credibility.
C. It gives your business an identity
D. It’s a virtual proof that it exists

Some other Advantages of having a website for small businesses include
1. Low-budget web development.
2. Wider audience reaches due to the website’s 24/7 accessibility
3. Brand visibility and brand recognition
4. Easy online promotion of your business with a website.
5. Customer insights by tracking user behavior on your website using analytic software.

Mobile app development in Nigeria
We recommend and develop mobile apps for our clients, because Mobile apps eliminate the need for tangible marketing goods, and you can cut down on digital and traditional marketing campaign costs. It has been proven that Mobile applications can even help you save money internally.

We will develop a super mobile app that will enable you to get the following benefits

  1. A Mobile App Can Increase Sales.
  2. Compete with Larger Businesses.

iii. Communicate Directly with Customers.

  1. Simplify the Buyer Journey.
  2. Build Customer Loyalty.
  3. Build Your Brand Value.

vii. Create a Direct Marketing Channel.

viii. Provide a Personalized Experience.

Customers review below

Adudu IsaiahAdudu Isaiah
12:48 16 May 22
so far so good its a good ready to learn and they deliver well
Valentine TvValentine Tv
12:59 14 Feb 22
Good clear advert service
Orji DanielOrji Daniel
12:39 06 Aug 21
the team had a deep understanding of what we wanted to achieve
Chidinma ObiChidinma Obi
12:29 06 Aug 21
I worked as an intern at Alternative Advert Nigeria Limited. I must commend them for their good works. I salute them for their tenacity of service. I love the management team, co-workers and the job itself. It was really a wonderful experience working with Alternative Advert Nigeria Limited.Their relationship with their customers and how they deliver great results to their clients is mind-blowing.I would recommend Alternative Advert Nigeria Limited to anyone who wants great results when they advertise their products online.Thank you Alternative Advert for tutoring me in the right way.
09:52 05 Aug 21
I must admit that it was really an awesome experience working as an intern at Alternative Adverts Ltd for six months. Aside from the fact that I learnt a lot of things, I must commend their level of professionalism when it comes to service rendering. The way they attend to their clients and help them to achieve their marketing and advertising goals. Little wonder why they are regarded as the best advertising agency and digital marketing company in Nigeria. If you want mind-blowing results as regards marketing and advertising of your brands, products or service then choose Alternative Adverts Ltd.

List of digital marketing agencies in Nigeria
Below is the list of the top digital marketing agencies in Lagos Nigeria, please note that there is no particular order and their activities vary straightly, some are great as creative agencies while some others are good at digital marketing strategy and some are better at actual implementation of the digital marketing campaign.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support with your digital marketing in Nigeria
• Wild Fusion
• Alternative advert Ltd
• Crank Digital NG
• Kong Marketing Agency
• Amplify (Marketing Agency)
• Anakle (Digital Marketing Agency)
• Bytesize (Marketing Agency)
• CKDigital (Creative Agency in Nigeria).
• Cregital (Creative Agency in Lagos)
• Intense (Marketing Agency).
• Street Toolz (Interactive Agency)
• HotSauce Interactive
• Gavaar Solutions Ltd
• AdHang
• Ringier Digital Marketing
• Webcoupers
• Ziza Digital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Management Packages in Lagos


No1 Items Basic Pro Advance
1. Website audit YES YES YES
2. Social media audit YES YES YES
3. Competitive analysis YES YES YES
4. Google My Business optimization YES YES YES
5. Social media optimization (SMO) YES YES YES
6. Backlinks YES YES YES
7. Directory submission YES YES YES
8. Social bookmark YES YES YES
9. Website conversion funnel setup YES YES YES
10. Website chat  setup YES YES YES
11. Website Analytics setup YES YES YES
12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) YES YES YES
13. No of keywords 5 10 15
14. New articles per month 1 2 3
15. Monthly report YES YES YES
Special Promo Discount (limited time promo) 15% N125,000 20%




Cost per month N150,250 N200,000 N250,000


Measurable and Well-Automated Digital Marketing
Digital marketing can be tracked through detailed diagrams. Or a dashboard that clearly users activities traffic growth, New and returning users, leads, and deals transformations from your particular marketing efforts.

Utilizing free analytics tools like Google Analytics will help you measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns and an internet-marketing audit helps you perceive how well your digital marketing projects are performing daily.

Another powerful benefit of using Internet marketing (IM) is the power of easy, result-oriented automation and it has a superior time-saving opportunity.

We will use the best tools for your digital marketing campaigns that will automate your campaign in a target-oriented fashion, and at the same time, you can invest your energy in accomplishing something else.

One of the key advantages of marketing over digital platforms is the ability to target specific customers, it also allows for detailed customer segmentation.

Customer segmentation is the process in which large customer groups are further broken down into smaller groups of customers according to a particular classification. Segmentation increases the chances of sales, as well as cuts down on cost.

Adequate information must be collected from subscribers for segmentation to work effectively in any given campaign.

Greater engagement:
The internet is getting noisier by the day, and any product or service that your business offers is most likely also being offered by thousands of other businesses.

If a visitor to your website does not immediately find what they are looking for? They are most likely to leave for an alternative. That is the main reason we often create engaging content and provide precise information to visitors to ensure increased engagement and conversion.

Digital Marketing is Powerful in Demographic Targeting, Provides Real-Time Results, and Ensure Quick & Convenient Service Delivery.

Knowing how much a digital marketing campaign effort can target and measure the reaction from particular demographics is quite astounding to entrepreneurs who generally prefer traditional media advertising.

Some online platforms and analytical software can permit you to explicitly focus on the particular buyer demographics.
To target doctors, owners of hospitals and medical facilities, and the general public, you will require a digital marketing methodology to contact them where they invest the majority of their time i.e. on the Internet.

With Various digital marketing platforms, you do not need to hold up weeks to see a noticeable boost in your business.
With paid digital marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can see real-time results that empower you to adjust your marketing campaign to accomplish the result you always wanted.

There might be a few chances where online marketing might not work up to expectations. Hence, with continuous real-time monitoring, we can precisely find out where the marketing campaign is going wrong and therefore enforce a better strategy that will guarantee a better result.

Digital marketing pricing packages in Nigeria

Silver Package

N0 Duration Estimated Impressions Estimated Clicks Coverage Cost
1 Daily 125,000 Impressions 1200 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N50,000
2 Weekly 875,000 Impressions 8,400 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N170,000
3 Monthly 3,500,000 Impressions 33,600 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N700,000
4 Quarterly 10,500,000 Impressions 100,800 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N2,000,000

Gold Package

N0 Duration Estimated Impressions Estimated Clicks Coverage Cost
1 Daily 250,000 Impressions 2500 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N100,000
2 Weekly 1,750,000 Impressions 17,500 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N350,000
3 Monthly 7,000,000 Impressions 70,000 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N1,400,000
4 Quarterly 21,000,000 Impressions 210,000 Clicks Nigeria or worldwide N4,000,000


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