About us

Our Mission:

“The concept behind our company is to deliver products to your door step with great quality & exceptional customer service”. S.R.T.X – Strengthing, Remedy, Total, X-factor is the motto. 

About Us:

alternativeadverts provides top quality handcrafted Exercise Equipment that is committed from our personalize design to the delivery of your matchless order.

All our products are designed to provide you the best exercising experience from home. We can adapt to any specific workout needed, from which our products provide a full range. Your Order will be processed within 3 business days of your order, and  delivered to you within 7-10 days from the receipt of the payment.

The Company

alternativeadverts is “ a one stop Online all-in-one Home gym retail store as its indispensable business.

alternativeadverts core is Fitness Equipment  and accessories by offering individuals a flair of  Style and innovation through an offering of Next level fitness equipment, ranging from Tricep ropes, Steel plated rubber Coated weight plates, an Olympic Barbell Set A multifunctional weight bench, Heavy Duty, Barbell pads, and last but not least a All-in-one Smith Machine SRTX-91 sure to make your home and workout feel like luxury.

alternativeadverts prides themselves as visionary and dedicated on thriving hard to exceptional lengths and recognized as the brand with finest practices and spares no effort to deliver exceptional commitment to product quality  and exemplary customer services. We plan on investing and expanding as the opportunities arises.

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