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Outdoor advertising billboards in bauchi state

 Outdoor advertising billboards in bauchi state, Bauchi is a metropolis in northeast Nigeria, the capital of bauchi state, the bauchi local government area within that country, and the traditional bauchi emirate. The slogan says “Pearl of Tourism”.


Outdoor billboard advertising is a form of communique for advertising and marketing and is used to encourage, convince, or manage an audience (viewers, readers, or listeners; every so often a selected institution) to hold or take a few new actions.


Most typically, the desired end result is to power patron behavior with admire to a commercial supplying, despite the fact that political and ideological marketing is likewise commonplace

Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in bauchi state

  • Stationed at a strategic place and has a layout of billboards as instruments to make sales and change an audience into on-the-spot clients.
  • It is less difficult for agencies to reach a specific or precise client group to sell their services and products.
  • Placed along major highways increasing the possibility of being seen by a great number of audiences all throughout the day.


The cost of outdoor advertising billboards in bauchi state

The average cost of mounting an outdoor advertising billboard in Bauchi state ranges from N170,000 to N270,000 (one hundred and seventy thousand to two hundred and seventy thousand) per month for a static billboard.


While LED ranges from N300, 000 to N500, 000 (three hundred thousand naira to five hundred thousand naira) per month.


Key locations of outdoor advertising billboards in bauchi state

  • Government House Road beside Wunti Roundabout Bauchi
  • Muritala Mohammed Way Facing Traffic To Gtbank
  • Multi-Purpose road by container market.
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