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Outdoor advertising Billboards in Borno

Outdoor advertising Billboards in Borno. The commercial activities in Bornu which center mainly on trade and services, especially in the state capital, Maiduguri call for a reason to tap into the expanding opportunities in commerce.  It’s worth of note that a lot of potential awaits investors to tap from as regards Business.

Billboards in Borno state advertisements are a strategic way to ensure maximum visibility in the second largest state by Area bordered by three different foreign countries, enabling foreign exchange between Nations.

Projecting your brand to the consumer in a way to catch their attention through an outdoor display like Billboard is the right step in securing great performance. It creates the necessary awareness and leaves great memories to linger on which affects their buying decisions.

The commercial activities in the city of Borno affect the cost of advert placements which could range from #50,000 to #500,000 per month, which is based on the target location and some other factors.

Outdoor advertising Billboards Locations in Borno

  • At Monday Market Facing Traffic Entering The Market (Rooftop), Maiduguri
  • Along Baga-Maiduguri, Baga Road, Maiduguri
  • Along Maiduguri, Sir Kashim Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Maiduguri
  • Along Maiduguri-Lagos Road, NNPC Mega Station, Maiduguri
  • At Maiduguri-Biu-Gombe Market Road Roundabout, Maiduguri
  • At Kano Road By Police Roundabout Facing Traffic From Military Barracks, Maiduguri
  • Along Sir Kashim Ibrahim Way Facing Traffic To City From Custom 3, Maiduguri
  • Along Maiduguri Cross Mai Doki Roundabout, Maiduguri
  • Along Gwange/Monday Market Road By Police Station Facing Traffic From Monday Market, Maiduguri
  • Along Bama University Of Maiduguri Road, Opposite Lagos Road Junction Total Filling Station, Maiduguri
  • In Mall LED Billboard- Meat Market, Maiduguri, Borno
  • Along Baga Road Before Fish Market, Maiduguri, Borno
  • Along Ahmadu Bello Way By Monday Market, Maiduguri, Borno
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