Billboards in Delta State

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 Outdoor billboard advertising in Delta state

Outdoor Billboard Advertising in delta state is a large flat scale advertisement along the side of highway roads for motorists and pedestrians, and also billboard is also used to share information across the nation the south-south zone of Nigeria which was formally named or called Niger delta a large part of which is in the state and the capital is and the capital is called Asaba. And it’s populated with over 8.6 million people and still counting.


The average cost of outdoor billboard advertising in Delta state

The Average cost of outdoor advertising billboards in delta state is N250, 000 and N900, 000 and note there is a static billboard which is cheaper while LED Billboard is quite expensive and which from N650, 000 to N1000, 000 also you have other fees like renting a particular place for the billboard advert to be where it can be so catchy for motorist and pedestrian passing by. And note all the cost depends on the location for the price range.


Benefits of outdoor billboard advertising in Delta state


  1. It creates awareness for the brand
  2. It brings the target to potential customers
  3. A perfect location


Each billboard has different locations in the state. In delta state, there are various locations where you can find billboards. Which is DSC roundabout, Warri refinery road Effurun, international airport road, tipper garage Warri road, and the major town in Delta state are warri, Asaba, Sapele, ozoro, Aboh.  And more.


CONCLUSION; advertising plays a good impact on the state and improvement of the state and organizations, so doing an advert on the billboard in delta state where you have some good population people is a good one for the people and organization


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