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Outdoor billboards advertising in Ebonyi state

Ebonyi; is a state in the south-East zone of Nigeria which is bothered from the north and northeast by neighboring states around and also east and southeast, Ebonyi state is one of the smallest states with an estimated population of over 2.9 million people in the state. Abakalili being the capital of Ebonyi state in southeastern Nigeria it’s at the intersection of the road between Enugu, and ogoja.


The average cost of outdoor billboards in Ebonyi state

The Average cost of an outdoor advertising billboard in Ebonyi state goes between  N480, 000 and N750, 000, and that is for a static billboard. For the LED billboard is N500, 000 to N1000, 000 also you still do have fees to pay like the Vat, rent, or lease of the specific location for the billboards in Ebonyi state to be placed.


Major Towns in Ebonyi state; we have abakiliki town, ozizza town, ishiagu town, Onueke town, and more…

Ebonyi state is a state of agriculture, mainly farming yam, rice, and cassava.


Benefits of outdoor advertising billboard

  1. It helps creates more opportunities for the brand and makes the brand well known.
  2. It’s should be a customized location for the people.
  3. has to be beautiful and attractive to read

CONCLUSION; A state where there is agriculture, and also few companies, so having a billboard we are a good one to promote and make their brands go world wild.

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