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Outdoor Billboard Advertising In Ekiti State

Outdoor billboard advertising in Ekiti state, Ekiti state is located in the South-Western region of Nigeria. Having its slogan to be the fountain of knowledge.

In Ekiti state, Agriculture provides 75% job employment and this is driving a lot of agro-allied industries to the state. Some of Ekiti’s agricultural produce are: Cash crops such as Cocoa, Oil Palm, Kolanut, Plantain, Bananas, Cashew, Citrus and Timber; Arable /Food Crops such as Rice.

Using billboards to advertise will play a huge role in putting your business brand and product to prospective client, a lot of businesses have used outdoor billboards to advertise their product and it is worth it.

Cost of Billboard Outdoor Advertising in Ekiti state

The prices given below differs with the locality and the type of billboard you want to place advert on.

The cost of billboards advertising in Niger state is between #130,000 to #650,000 per month, for static billboards, while LED billboards are N500, 000 to N2, 000,000 per month.

Other features that will affect the overall cost are APCON fees and Printing costs.

These prices may be lower or higher for some remote areas. Considering the position and duration, these quantities can be advanced if it’s intended to last for a longer period.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Locations in Ekiti State

Billboards in Ekiti state are located at different areas in the state, and these are the most engaging locations, and the most engaging is the Ekiti Cluster BBA Market Trade Fair complex.

It’s largely engaging huge target patrons along this trace. These are commercially active areas in the state with a good economic performance.


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