Billboards in Enugu State

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Outdoor advertising billboards in Enugu state

Outdoor advertising billboards in Enugu state, a billboard is a large outdoor advertising space that is meant to target and attract the attention of pedestrians and people driving along the area where the billboard is being erected.

Outdoor advertising billboards in Enugu state have become major advertising firms in Enugu metropolis and an indispensable source of revenue for the Enugu State Government.

Billboards generally influence consumers’ decisions, when consumers see a particular billboard on a daily basis it would influence their buying behavior.

Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in Enugu state

Billboard creates awareness of product existence, more especially on newly introduced goods, and increases sales for the brand which you are trying to advertise.

Another advantage of billboard is that it is ideal for marketing and campaigning your brand as it meets people from different backgrounds, across the state and visitors.

Cost of billboards in Enugu state

The average cost of a billboard in Enugu state, ranges from N46, 000(forty-six thousand naira) to N770, 000 (seven hundred and seventy thousand naira) per month.


Where can I find a billboard in Enugu state?

We have BILLBOARDS in various locations in Enugu e.g.abakpa, new haven road, ESUT road, agbani road, abakaliki expressway, umuahia expressway, airport road anamco, etc.


Billboard advertising in Enugu state is a good place to place your advert, because it is very common and visible in that area.

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