Billboards in Gombe State

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Outdoor advertising billboards in Gombe state

Outdoor advertising billboards in Gombe state, a billboard is a very large outdoor advertising structure that is typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads.

Billboards are good at getting and increasing the awareness of the brand being advertised or campaign, when people see a brand advertisement about your brand, anytime they want to purchase your product or service, they could remember they saw your brand.

Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in Gombe state

One benefit of Indoor or outdoor billboards in Gombe state is that billboards in Gombe state are a unique advertising tool that can create impulse buying; take for instance a potential buyer driving or walking pass your billboard and noticing your billboard and then deciding to make a purchase immediately.

Billboards are strategically located throughout towns in Gombe state and even along highways and interstates, making it easier for people who never knew about your brand or business to discover it by seeing your message on a billboard.

Cost of billboards in Gombe state

The average cost of a billboard in Gombe state, ranges from N330, 000(three hundred and thirty thousand naira) per month.


Where can I find a billboard in Gombe state?

We have BILLBOARDS in various locations in Gombe state e.g. in Biu road FTT Biu town, central market roundabout, etc.



With billboard advertising in Gombe state, your company can reach a wide variety of audiences and by using billboards you would find potential customers you never dreamed of.

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