Billboards in Imo State

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Outdoor advertising billboards in Imo state

Outdoor advertising billboards in Imo state, a billboard is a very large board on which advertisements are shown, and it is usually at the side of a road.

Billboards in Imo state are used to remind and promote business e.g. an advertising billboard of a product will remind the public about the product or introduce the product in the case of a new product in the market.

The public would always be reminded anytime they pass any of such billboards, the same goes for any individual being for any reason advertised along their way.

Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in imo state

One benefit of Indoor or outdoor billboards in Imo State is that your advert or brand message would be easily exposed to your target audience e.g. Owerri which is overweight and bulging with people, you have a guarantee that the brand message would be exposed to the target audience.

The use of billboards is a popular campaign strategy in political advertising as well, billboards in imo help political participants attaining for a political position to get their message out or to campaign to people by using billboards.

Cost of outdoor advertising billboards in imo

The average cost of an outdoor advertising billboard in Imo, ranges from N370, 000(three hundred and seventy thousand naira) to N800, 000 per month (eight hundred thousand naira).


Where can I find a billboard in imo?

We have BILLBOARDS in various locations in Imo e.g. in Owerri, mba ise, orlu, etc.


Billboard advertising in imo would attract a maximum number of people and it would help build your brand and business.

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