Billboards in Jigawa State

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Outdoor advertising billboards in jigawa state

Outdoor advertising billboards in Jigawa state, a billboard is a very large board on which posters and adverts are displayed. Jigawa state has a population of over 4.6 million (four million six hundred thousand) people, which makes it very effective for a billboard about a product, brand, or company to reach a wide variety of customers.

Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in jigawa

One benefit of outdoor billboards in jigawa is that you are guaranteed that your advertisement would reach your target audience, for instance putting your billboard at Hadejia and Gumel which are known for their rich culture and their large population.

Billboards in jigawa are usually placed in busy areas like Emir Palace Road where everyone gets to see the advert both people traveling in and out of Jigawa.

Cost of outdoor advertising billboards in jigawa state

The average cost of a BILLBOARD in Jigawa, ranges from N100, 000(one hundred thousand naira) to N700, 000 per month (Seven hundred naira), depending on the type of billboard you want to use.


Where can I find an outdoor advertising billboard in jigawa?

We have billboards in various locations in Jigawa, e.g., Madube Bypass, Hadejia, Gumel, etc.


In conclusion, billboards in jigawa are an effective way of communicating your message, brand, and product, billboards help to create brand awareness among the people.

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