Billboards in Kano State

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Outdoor advertising Billboards in Kano state

Outdoor advertising Billboards in Kano state, Kano state since its independence has developed a different frugality, establishing itself as a center for assiduity, Agriculture, and Islamic banking.

Kano State is the alternate- largest artificial Centre after Lagos State in Nigeria and the largest in Northern Nigeria with cloth, tanning, footwear, cosmetics, plastics, enamelware, medicinal, pottery, cabinetwork, and other diligence.

Outdoor billboard advertising in Kano is one of the most effective styles because they’re guaranteed to be seen.

With billboards, there’s no option to switch. Indeed, people pay further attention to billboards, especially when it’s satiny and well-lit. With these benefits, you can target specific demography and impact their buying opinions.

We collected a list of Billboards locales in Kano state for your optimum brand announcement.

Outdoor advertising billboards in Kano state

Billboards are positioned along Zaria Road, Jifatu Road, BUK Road, Hadejia Road, Kano Road, and Murtala Mohammed Way (Hausa Road) within close propinquity to the former risk gate.

It’s unique largely engaging huge target patrons along this trace. These are commercially active areas in the state with a good economic performance.

COSTS of Outdoor advertising billboards in Kano state

Being the most capitalized megacity in Northern Nigeria, Kano is a nice target for billboards advertisement.

On average, the cost of Billboard Advertisement in Kano is slightly different from the commodity in Lagos and Abuja costs.

Its cost ranges from N55, 000 to N700, 000 (fifty-five thousand to seven hundred thousand naira) per month, for the high target areas.

These prices may be lower for some lower remote areas. Considering the position and duration factor, these quantities can be advanced if it’s intended to last for a longer period.

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