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Outdoor Billboards Advertising In Katsina State

Outdoor billboard advertising in Katsina state, Katsina state is located in the Northwestern region of Nigeria.

Katsina state slogan has brought a lot of business activities to the state which is “THE HOME OF HOSPITALITY”. Niger state has a population of 12 million citizens according to the last census.

Economically, Katsina state is one of the fast-growing diamond producers, they are also known to be the highest producer of Gold, Marble, Kaolin, and salt. All these raw materials have boosted their Economy. More commercial activities going on every day.

Billboards in katsina state advertising is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements for passing pedestrians and drivers.

Cost of Outdoor Billboards Advertising in Katsina state

The cost of Outdoor billboards advertising in Katsina state is between #37,000 to #600,000 per month, for static billboards, while LED billboards are N500,000 to N2,500,000 per month.

Other factors that will affect the overall cost are APCON fees and Printing costs.


Outdoor Billboard Advertising Locations in Katsina State

Among the billboard locations in Katsina state, here are the subsequent, these are considered supported by their locations which are viewed by many commuters daily.

  1. Unipole Billboard Katsina Road by Kofar Ruwa Junction, Katsina State
  2. 48 Sheet Billboard Along Katsina Road At Hajj Camp Junction, Kano
  3. 48 Sheet Billboard Along Katsina Road, Katsina
  4. Large Format Billboard Opposite Mega Station Katsina-Kano Road, Katsina

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