Billboards in Kwara State

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Billboards In Kwara State

Kwara state is a state in Western Nigeria, bordered to the east by Kogi country, to the north by means of Niger nation, and to the south through Ekiti, Osun, and Oyo states at the same time as its western border makes up a part of the global border with Benin Republic.


It is positioned inside the North crucial part of Nigeria. Its motto states “State of Harmony”. Its blended subculture of Yoruba and Fulani conjures up its motto. Kwara state has several mineral sources together with tourmaline, tantalite, and many mineral deposits in the northern element.


Outdoor Advertising Billboards in Kwara help you recognize your target demographic that is located in a confined geographical radius, there’s no higher manner to get their attention than by advertising on a billboard along a major roadway.



  • Due to the easily accessed stations, the billboard is mounted, It encourages impulse buying.
  • It is cost-effective as it is one of the most affordable means of advertising and that’s why it’s effective for brands and businesses.
  • The audience can’t without a doubt ignore whether you’re concentrating on morning commuters or pedestrian site visitors in a densely populated place.

Average Cost Of Billboards In Kwara State

The average cost of billboards in Kwara state emerges from around N3 500,000 to N4, 5 00,000.


Locations Of Billboards In Kwara State

  • General Surulere Road By Oja OBA/FCMB/NNPC Filling Station
  • Ogbomosho At Eiyenkorin Roundabout
  • Along Airport Road Before Geri Alimi Roundabout Ilorin
  • Ilorin General Roundabout/Teaching Hospital





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