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Outdoor Billboard Advertising In Niger State

Outdoor billboard advertising in Niger state, Niger state is located in the North central of Nigeria.

Niger state slogan has really brought a lot of commercial activities to the state which is “THE CENTER OF UNITY”. Niger state has a population of 10 million citizens according to the last census.

Economically, Niger state is known for being the highest producer of “tin, iron ore, coal, rare metals, and zinc. With all these raw materials, more businesses have been established in Niger state and this is driving the state economy level higher.

Billboard advertising is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements for passing pedestrians and drivers.


Cost of Outdoor billboards advertising in Niger state

The cost of Outdoor billboards advertising in Niger state is between #37,000 to #600,000 per month, for static billboards, while LED billboards N500, 000 to N2, 500,000 per month.

Other factors that will affect the overall cost are APCON fees and Printing costs.


Outdoor Billboard Advertising Locations In Niger State

Among the billboards in Niger state, here are the subsequent, these are considered supported by their locations which are viewed by many commuters daily.

  1. Unipole Billboard Ahmadu Bello Way Minna, Niger State
  2. Portrait Billboard David Mark Road Minna, Niger State
  3. Portrait Billboard Western Bye Pass Minna, Niger State
  4. Portrait Billboard Minna-Suleja Expressway, Niger State
  5. Unipole Billboard Kantoma Bridge Suleja Market, Niger State
  6. 48 Sheet Billboard Berger Junction along Bosso Road, Niger




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