Billboards in Osun State

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Outdoor advertising Billboards in Osun

Outdoor advertising Billboards in Osun. Osun is described as the ninth smallest in the area and one of the most densely populated with an estimated population of about 4.7 million. Osun State is prominent in Agriculture.

Its other key industries are services and artisanal mining and livestock rearing. Osun is home to the campus of Obafemi Awolowo University, one of Nigeria’s pre-eminent institutions of higher learning. Osun State has also noted the second highest literacy rate in the country.

Osun has historically been a regional hub for trade, commerce, and distribution and has paved the way for other industries and smaller enterprises to establish themselves in the State.

Billboards in Osun state are the right strategy to catch the attention of the target customers for your Business. Its linked roads and recent improvements to infrastructure and transport networks have had a positive impact on the state economic sector, which is already getting the attention of foreign Investors.

Outdoor advertising Costs of Billboards in Osun

Billboards advertisement in Osun state ranges between N60, 000 and N450, 000 (sixty thousand and four hundred and fifty Thousand) per month,  owing to factors such as the duration of the adverts, location, and the target audience for the billboard. Other charges may also apply like rental charges amongst others.

Outdoor advertising Billboards Locations in Osun

·         Along gbongan-osogbo rd by flyover after Ataoja gov. high school before state civil service commission FTT Ola Iya roundabout

·         Ita Balogun road before Ilesha expressway opp. Isalo marble works FTT express Ilesha

·         Along Ede-akoda road, opp. Adventist school FTF Akonda

·         Along Ibadan – Oshogbo expressway by Ede junction ftf Ibadan

·         Along Ibadan Ife road after university bridge. FTF Ife town Ife

·          By Olaiya junction  Oshogbo

·          Along Ogo oluwa by fabunmi petrol station Osun Oshogbo

·         Along Olusegun Obasanjo Way before Technical Facing Traffic to Okefia, Osogbo.


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