Billboards in Oyo State

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Outdoor advertising billboards in oyo state

Outdoor advertising billboard in oyo, a billboard is a large board used for advertisements in an outside public place.

Billboards are used to promote, inform, persuade and educate people on what is being advertised, billboards advertisement in oyo was used to show the benefit of tobacco farming to the public which encourages farming of tobacco leaves for newly established cigarette manufacturing companies.


Benefits of outdoor advertising billboards in oyo state

Billboards in oyo can reach a large audience at the same time with less effort, being an audience for a billboard doesn’t require any preparations.

One important benefit of an outdoor billboard in oyo is the constant availability and clients memorize some of the advertisements because they are being exposed to the advertisement daily.

Another important advantage of outdoor advertising billboard in oyo is that it is promotional, take for instance the billboard on tobacco at Oyo, is not only informational but it brought more sales which could help the Nigerian economy.

Cost of outdoor advertising billboards in oyo state

The average cost of an outdoor advertising billboard in oyo, it ranges from N370, 000(three hundred and seventy thousand naira) to N4, 000,000(four million naira) per month.

Where can I find billboard in oyo state?

We have billboards in various locations in Oyo e.g. in Itta Ibadan, Ibadan, Orita challenge new garage, Iwo, etc.


Billboard advertising in Oyo has the advantage of attracting more audiences and also a lot of impressions are gotten.


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