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Outdoor advertising billboard in Yobe state

Outdoor advertising billboard in Yobe state. Billboard advertisements in yobe are on the increase owing to being an agricultural state, with rich mineral deposits, and having one of the largest livestock and cattle markets in Western Africa.


Billboard advertisements in Yobe are designed to achieve a wholesome awareness to the populace who go about their daily occupational engagements. The capital city of yobe and some places like Potiskum witness and its environs will be a great marketing strategy.


The impact of alluring graphics and bold brand representation through outdoor Advertising Billboards cannot be overemphasized in achieving your marketing goals.


  1. Billboards advertising enables companies to complement their investment with a consistent marketing message that will be viewed multiple times and has the ability to reach an entire region.
  2. Billboards are often drivers’ number one approach to locating accommodations, food, and fuel on unusual highways which makes the impact of billboards more.


The cost of Outdoor advertising billboard in Yobe state

The average cost of billboards in Yobe state ranges from N37, 000 to N500, 000 (thirty-seven thousand naira to five hundred thousand naira) per month for static Billboards.


Location of Outdoor advertising billboard in Yobe Stat

  • Along Damaturu Road Potiskum, Yobe State
  • First Roundabout MaiduguriI, By the August 27 Stadium, Yobe state.



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