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Outdoor Advertising Billboards in Zamfara State

Outdoor advertising billboards in zamfara state, zamfara state is a state in northwestern Nigeria and the capital of zamfara state is called GUSAU. Zamfara is densely populated with Fulani and Hausa people.

It is bordered to the north by the Republic of the Niger, to the south by Kaduna state, to the east by katsina state, and to the west. Zamfara today was one of the old states like kano, katsina, and kebbi. Hausa is the official language of the state.

Agriculture and gold mining’s are the state’s main occupations and the source of their income, farming is their pride, and over 85 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture.

Outdoor billboard advertising in zamfara is highly effective and important to be viewed and give more attention to the people, especially when seeing a product of a brand on a billboard to keep the state going.

There’re some listed locations of billboards placed in zamfara state.

Outdoor Advertising Billboards in Zamfara State

Billboard is positioned along government house road By Olusegun Drive, the intersection, in front of Zamfara plaza, opposite Kaura & Gusau, Zamfara welcome roundabout Gusau,  zamfara state. Ibb way Zamfara  Gusau, bypass way, funtua Gusau zamfara,

These are commercial roads for billboards to be seen in the state.


Cost of outdoor advertising billboards

Zamfara state is a highly populated northern state where you have a good sited location for a billboard advertisement.

The average cost of a billboard in zamfara state is not of other states in Nigeria

The cost range is N320, 000 to N650, 000 (three hundred and twenty thousand to six hundred and fifty thousand) that is per month





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