Dstv Advertising In Nigeria

DStv for Digital Satellite Television is a sub-saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by Multichoice.

The service started in 1995 and provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers.

With a good VPN, you can now watch dstv when you travel for a vacation outside Nigeria by streaming via the dstv app.

DStv has more than 200 television and radio/audio stations.


  • DStv Compact            [N7,900 per month]
  • DStv Compact Plus   [N12,400 per month]
  • DStv Premium  [N18,400 per month]
  • DStv Access  [N2,000 per month]
  • DStv Padi  [N1,850 per month]
  • DStv Confam [N4,615 per month]
  • DStv Yanga  [N2,565 per month]
  • DStv Family [N4,000 per month]

DStv padi is the cheapest package which offers the least number of channels. Dstv access and family has been discontinued, which is now replaced by padi/yanga and confam respectively.

The premium package offers the largest number of channels and is the most costly at 18,400 naira monthly subscription.

The compact plus package offers all compact channels but adds more sports channels to the package.


  • AM Family    N100,000
  • AM Yoruba  N150,000
  • AM Igbo   N100,000
  • AM Epic  N150,000
  • AM Showcase N250,000
  • AM Urban  N180,000
  • AM Hausa  N100,000


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