Mobile LED Advertising Truck

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Mobile LED Advertising Truck, fully airconditioned mobile advertising truck with two big screens on the sides and the back. Our price is affordable.

Our triple-sided mobile LED billboard can be used as part of a major media mix for brand/products exposure, It can also be used for events or retail store openings. Mobile advertising truck offers several advantages over static billboards.

Mobile Truck advertising is designed to reach specific demographic groups (O-O-H) within some targeted locations with high frequency and impact.

Mobility enables exposure at any time or place the advertiser may choose, resulting in mobile Ads exposed to immediate and potential customers.

Large billboard Ads rolling slowly in front of 100’s or 1000’s of eyes have a lasting impression on viewers for days and weeks after seeing them.

We have both Mobile LED Advertising truck and Static mobile trucks as well.

Locations includes Lagos, Abuja, River (PH), Kano, Kaduna, Onitsha, Ogun and every other states in Nigeria

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