BRT Bus Branding

BRT BUS BRANDING: An Efficient Advertising Strategy

It is not uncommon to quickly skip a video adverts playing online or change channel when a particular adverts run on your TV station. But avoiding the sight of a moving bus when stuck in traffic or about to catch a bus at the park is impossible.


BRT buses is a common thing in all Lagos Roads with a teaming population of about 60 per cent working class plying the roads daily to make ends meet. With a structure that makes it stands out among other transit medium in Lagos, BRT buses is sometimes considered a luxury transit as it affords its commuters comfort and speedy movement to their destinations.


It very common to say that the city of Lagos is the commercial heartbeat of the whole west Africa with a densely populated environment, high commuters on the road networks giving rise to stop overs and several traffic posts and lamp post on the roads.


The importance and effectiveness of BRT Bus Branding and Advertising cannot be undermined in Nigeria, especially Lagos.

The BRT BUSES uniqueness lies in the fact that it goes out to meet its customers as against its, Wall drapes, Light-boxes, Unipolar and other Bus Shelter counterparts that are stationed in one place.


BRT Bus branding is a cost-effective way to turn the promotional bus into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever the bus travels within Lagos you’ll be building the brand or promoting the campaign.

It also provides your business with a moving advertisement at very affordable prices. It is, therefore, safe to say that BRT Bus Branding is an intelligent investment when it comes to advertising.


These buses are branded on two sides (both) ends, and even the rear is used for advert branding, making other motorists and people around see the message that you are passing across.


Structure and colours of the BRT buses allows a colourful sight to commuters when it passes by, which makes it seen from various angles. They can be checked and monitored for the purpose of ensuring that serves the right audience with the advertising objectives.




New BRT Bus branding in Lagos and BRT bus Adverts Rates 

The cost of the New BRT bus is N250, 000 per bus per month, (cost covers bus rate, printing, raping, etc.)


A discount will be granted depending on the number of BRT buses to be branded

If you are looking for the cost of advertising on the red BRT buses in Lagos see it below



  1. Route: Ajah – Lekki – CMS | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month
  2. Route: Ikorodu – Maryland – Fadeyi – Stadium – TBS | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month
  3. Route: Keffi – TBS – Obalende – Oshodi | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month
  4. Route: Eko Hotel – Ahmadu Bello – CMS | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month
  5. Route: Ikorodu – Iyana Oworo – 3rd Mainland Bridge – CMS | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month
  6. Route: Agege – Pen Cinema – Oshodi | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month
  7. Route: Festac – Mile 2 – CMS | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month

BLUE LAG BUS COST (Blue BRT Bus Branding)

  • Route: Ikorodu – Maryland – Fadeyi – Stadium – TBS | Rate: N170,000 to N250,000/month

These costs of placing ads on BRT buses above might change at any time.

Other cost that are not listed above includes

  1. APCON Fee
  2. Agency Fee


Transit Branding is an example an out of home advertising which involve the use of several transport media to advertise to the target audience, simply because it can’t be ignored.

  • Airports, railways stations, bus terminals, street lights, toll plazas, buses, taxes, and trains are ideal places for transit advertising because they provide high awareness and visibility for brands (products and services) on a daily basis.
  • Transit branding allows you a guaranteed of wide variety of audience from the drivers, passengers to the commuters plying the routes of these buses.
  • It is very possible to Choose from a variety of ad sizes, locations and creative from the various sizes of buses used for the advertising.
  • With transit advertising you can potentially reach tech-savvy younger people.
  • Bus (Transit) branding allows continuous visibility of the brands identity to every passengers and commuters which is beneficial for brand recognition, when your brand becomes familiar to consumers they are more likely to trust it and purchase a product or service.



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