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CNN advertising in Nigeria and sub-sharan Africa. Advertising through CNN is a productive advertising method in the Television media type. It helps your brand reach out to the right target audience.

Television advertising helps the advertiser to target a very large group of people and also provides the ease of targeting a fixed time band based on the requirement.

Advertising through CNN is suitable for a brand that is trying to reach out to a large number of premium users within specified geography in a small time.

Since the channel conveys different sets of programs, it appeals to almost everyone in the family thereby assuring a complete household reach.

CNN is the leading Television Channel and is strongly approved for all marketing campaigns.



Media agencies can play a decisive role if you are planning to advertise on CNN. There are several roles that a media agency plays while carrying out your TV campaign.

Firstly, the media agency will help you in determining whether advertising in CNN is right for your brand.

The agency uses BARC data to decide the TG and CNN viewer profile matches.

Once you have decided to go ahead with advertising in CNN, the next step for the TV ad buying agency is to organize the frequency and timing for the ads (called spots) and agree on the right price.

Planning the adverts will revolve around the campaign objective and the pricing, while advertising in prime time might give you the highest reach but the agency might suggest a non-prime time as it grants a lower cost per reach.

Such variables can be handled by the media agency while buying advert space in CNN.

The last role of the TV advert buying agency is to ensure that the advert is played on CNN and issue the advertiser with the number of people who saw your advert.



Adverts in CNN are shown both during the break as well as during the content being played.

There is more creative space while placing an advert during the break, whereas messages need to be packaged with the content while selecting the advertising options during the content.

Some of the approved advertising options on CNN are:

a) Video Ads – Video adverts are broadcasted during ad breaks. The minimum time for a video ad is 10 seconds and increases by 5.


b) L Bands – Aston Bands are thin horizontal strips that show during a program at the bottom of the screen. The Aston Band time-scale per exposure is 10 seconds. Choose the number of Aston Bands per day and the total number of days you’d desire to advertise. Prices vary in agreement to the time the band is chosen.


c) Brand Integrations – These are custom media options and are designed based on your advertising budget and the objective.



  • Rates revolve around the creative length, time band selected, and duration of the campaign
  • Premium charges are functional for targeting specific programs, spot positioning, and crunched time bands.



To advertise in CNN you can adhere to the following steps:

  1. Acquire rates for advertising in CNN on the Media Options and Pricing page. Note that rates differ as per the time band. You should add the media to your bag and choose the time bands there.


  1.  Select the advert type that is convenient for your creativity, objective, and budget. CNN offers video ads, scrollers, Aston Bands, and Brand integrations for advertising. Moreover, you can also select from the digital advert formats.


  1. Other factors that require a decision are Advert length, the total number of adverts, Time band, start date, and Campaign duration.


  1. Check the advert space availability on CNN and other privileges like    discounts, depending on the time of booking


  1. Make the payment for advertising on CNN and submit the artwork.


  1. Tentative log timings will be distributed on a daily basis so that the client can watch their adverts live which is being shown on CNN.











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