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DStv advertising rates, for Digital Satellite Television, is a sub-saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by Multichoice.

The service started in 1995 and provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers.

With a good VPN, you can now watch dstv when you travel for a vacation outside Nigeria by streaming via the dstv app.

DStv has more than 200 television and radio/audio stations.

Perhaps you’ve arrived here because you’re considering the cost of advertising on TV stations in Nigeria or trying to get information on dstv media sales to advertise your business, but need a little help with an idea of costing and how best to plan your budget when you want to advertise on the DSTV channels in Nigeria?

The compact plus package offers all compact channels but adds more sports channels to the package.


DSTV Nigeria advert rates and DSTV rate card 2020/2022

Channel Spots (30secs) Rate (Naira) Peak Rate (Naira) Off Peak
1. AM Showcase (DStv)


N250,000 N200,000
2. AM Urban (DStv)


N180,000 N120,000
3. AM Yoruba (DStv)


N180,000 N120,000
4. AM Igbo (DStv)


N100,000 N60,000
5. AM Hausa (DStv)


N100,000 N60,000
6. AM Yoruba (GOtv)


N150,000 N100,000
7. AM Family (GOtv)


N100,000 N70,000
8. AM Epic (GOtv)


N150,000 N100,000

The cost of advertising on TV can seem both confusing and expensive but it is one of the best mediums to advertise your business or product and reach a wider audience.

The cost of advertising on TV stations in Nigeria depends on so many things and I will list them in this article. Whether you’re a small brand, a new business or an established company, we can talk you through your options and get you up and running.

Let’s take a look at the costing example below as a starting point. It covers regional costs and some National Digital channels. It’s followed by a few suggestions to consider when budgeting and best of all, a quick look at how a TV advert can actually cost you NOTHING! 


The cost of advertising on TV stations depends on the length of the ad, who produces the ad, the markets in which it airs – as well as how many times it has been aired – all determine how much television advertising costs.

Commercials aired in local markets range anywhere from a few hundred dollars per ad, up to several thousand dollars, if the ad airs nationally.

The length of the ad also influences the price. A quick, 10-to-15 second ad will be less expensive than a 30- or a 60-second ad. Most stations are offered shorter commercials to follow a faster-paced society with a greater number of ads during a show than were shown several decades ago.


The Number Of Times Your Ads Will Be Put On Air

Local television stations usually have an in-house production company that can write and produce advertisements with their own marketing team.

The local stations can also help to figure out which demographic would benefit most from your ad, and from there, the number of times your ad should air.

Often, they will create the ad for a nominal fee or even for free – the catch is that you have to sign a commitment to pay to air the ad for a certain amount of weeks or months. But if you were already planning on a marketing blitz, this may be cost-effective for you.


Choosing an Appropriate Airtime

Choosing an appropriate time depending on what you are advertising, so it can get to the right audience.it can be aired after dinner but before bed, and people are most available and willing to watch television.

It’s loosely defined as between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm, Central Time or it can run earlier or later, depending on your local market numbers for its 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. news shows. This is when running TV ads is the most expensive.

Ads during the early evening run are usually higher because of the large viewership. The price drops dramatically during the day to a low of a few hundred. Airing during highly rated syndicated shows will put you at the higher end of the going rate.

The Time of Year

When planning to invest in television advertising, then January is your time to do that. Stations are coming off of heavy holiday expenditures and they’re hungry to generate revenue.

Ask them to wheel and deal, and you can come away with a comparative bargain. Some stations offer 3, 6, and 12-months contracts, and they will discount you anywhere from 5 to 10 percent, if you sign with them during the rest of the year.

So it is in your best interest to bargain for deeper discounts during the first part of any new year.

So how much does television advertising really cost? It depends on your markets, your airtimes, and your needs. The great news is that stations are always ready and willing to work with your budget and your needs, so there is no reason not to market yourself fully.

The cost of advertising on TV may vary depending on different aspects. In order to understand how much does a TV ad cost, you need to make sure you know the features you want it to have.

The length of TV advertising is an important factor that will definitely influence the final cost


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