Mobile LED Truck in Lagos – Advertising In Nigeria on Static mobile Trucks (Flex)


Mobile LED Truck in Lagos, advertising in Nigeria on Static mobile Trucks, is means of outdoor/ out-of-home (OOH) advertising primarily used for advertising or public service purposes, used to gain the attention of the audience.

We have affordable Mobile LED Trucks and static mobile trucks in Nigeria, Available in all locations in the entire 36 states in Nigeria including the FCT (Abuja) from Abia state, Adamawa state, Akwa Ibom state,  Anambra state, Bauchi, Bayelsa state, Benue, Borno, Cross  River, Delta state, Ebonyi state,

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Other states include Edo state, Ekiti state, Enugu state, Gombe state, Imo state, Jigawa state, Kaduna state, Kano state, Katsina state, Kebbi state, Kogi state, Kwara state, Lagos state, Nasarawa state, Niger state, Ogun state, Ondo state, Osun state, Oyo state, Plateau state, Rivers state, Sokoto state, Taraba state, Yobe state to Zamfara state.

It is a device used for advertising on the sides of trucks, trailers, buses, and so on, anything that is mobile. It is a type of medium that displays digital images that are changed frequently by a computer system.

Digital billboard trucks are one the effective ways of flashing your brand and no brand can grow without effective advertising. It plays a major part when it comes to marketing and branding, it just requires one’s creativity.

With digital billboards trucks, information about your brand gains your followership’s attention quickly, unlike the internet which has features such as “SKIP-THE-AD” features thereby reducing the followership’s exposure.

Digital billboards have become popular when it comes to exposure, it has also become a very effective intercity advertising system in Nigeria.

Digital billboard trucks are used due to the perceived benefits such as being suitable to deliver a message in places where traditional billboards are unapproachable.

Many find it advantageous because the message is more likely to be tuned out by drivers than other advertising media, another advantage is that it does not get cluttered by other advertisement and are not generally seen near competitors.



The price of a led light advert truck in Nigeria varies based on location and the agencies you are using. The cost of led trucks in Lagos ranges from N450, 000(four hundred and fifty thousand naira) to N5, 000,000(five million naira).

Lagos per month ranges from N450, 000(four hundred and fifty thousand naira) to N4, 500,000(four million five hundred thousand naira); but Abuja, Port Harcourt, rivers, and other parts of Nigeria range from N250, 000(two hundred and fifty thousand naira) and N650, 000(six hundred and fifty thousand naira) per month for led advertising truck.

While paying for the mobile advertising truck there are certain costs that you will need to cater to; which include;

  • RENT COST: Every agency in Nigeria charges differently for the rent cost of mobile-led trucks in Nigeria depending on the place you want to advertise.
  • THE FEE PAID TO APCON: APCON is a government agency that regulates advertising in Nigeria.

Led advertising truck costs a lot but it is not enough reason to deny your brand the opportunity of the recognition of your brand that it deserves and there are also different packages according to the budget of the company.

You can call for FREE CONSULTATION before you make a decision; call 08140806869, 07014039333 or visit the website for FREE CONSULTATION.



  1. Alternative advert.
  2. Transpose communications services limited.
  3. Prodigy advertising limited.
  4. Strada media limited.
  5. Wetherheads advertising group.
  6. Kelben media.
  7. Kong marketing agency.
  8. DU open-source limited.


  1. ALTERNATIVE ADVERTS: Alternative adverts being one of the leading advertising agencies in Nigeria and Africa with over ten years of experience and expertise offers mobile led truck adverts at an affordable price without compromising quality. The company has a stronghold both in Nigeria and Africa.

It is part of one of the leading outdoor advertising in Nigeria with many awards and recognition for its claims.

They offer services like pay per click (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and have also mastered the best hack strategies and also tactics for social marketing.

You can call for FREE CONSULTATION; call 08140806869, 07014039333 or visit the website for FREE CONSULTATION

LOCATED AT 16, Fred Anyiam Street, surulere 234001, Lagos.


  1. TRANSPOSE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES LIMITED: It is a leading marketing communications and branding agency that specializes in bringing the human side of your brand closer to consumers.


  1. PRODIGY ADVERTISING LIMITED: The Company provides innovative outdoor advertising solutions etc.


  1. STRADA MEDIA LIMITED: They provide innovative and outdoor media solutions engaging clients the various touch. Strada media limited have understood the wants of brands and has positioned itself to connect brands with people’s lifestyle and environment.


  1. AFROMEDIA NIGERIA PLC: It is registered as an advertising agency and it provides services that relate to advertisements to their client.
  2. GRAPRO: It is a media company specializing in outdoor advertising using conventional billboards and innovative outdoor advertising platforms. The company is ranked among the top ten outdoor advertising companies in Nigeria.


  1. WETHERHEADS ADVERTISING GROUP: It is a 360-degree advertising agency that offers creative solutions and values to brands and businesses to attract, engage and convert consumers.


  1. KELBEN MEDIA: it is an advertising agency with an exceptional wealth of experience in digital marketing, brand promotion, social media management, etc.


  1. KONG MARKETING AGENCY: It is a Lagos-based marketing agency that is trusted by companies in Nigeria to deliver quality marketing campaigns using digital marketing and online and offline services.


  1. DU OPENSOURCE LIMITED: It delivers innovative and cost-effective out-of-home media services that connect and engage audiences.



  1. BRAND RECOGNITION: Digital billboard trucks help to get your advertising message faster and allow more people to see your brand, be familiar with it and thereby creating awareness and recognition

Take, for instance, a driver stuck in traffic or waiting for the traffic light to turn green comes across a 15ft mobile billboard beside them, it would be hard to ignore especially if it is your favorite brand promoting its new product.

It allows the audience to recall the brand’s message which they have seen when purchasing a brand.


  1. COST-EFFICIENT: Digital billboard trucks are cost-effective, it is not as costly as you might expect. It is more affordable than renting traditional billboards which can be restricted.

When your company has a LED light truck, it would be an important investment for the company also, they could use it to transport goods or employees and use that opportunity to make people aware of their brand by using the truck simultaneously.


  1. LARGE AUDIENCE REACH; Digital billboard trucks allow your content piece about your business to be displayed by many heterogeneous audiences, through this you have a chance of reaching out to as many people as possible.

The advantage of digital advertising is that it can deliver your message to the audience regardless of their location.

The virtue of mobility and visibility enables digital advertising to generate more revenue, which is high compared to other means of advertising.

  1. ADVERTISING CONTROL AND POWER: Digital billboard trucks allow you to decide and have control of where and when you want your advertisement to come up or show up.

It allows you to group your consumer according to their demographic; age, location, etc.; to be better equipped to advertise in the right place, drawing more audience nearer. This allows you to put all your marketing strategies to use.

You can always change your location if that location becomes sparse throughout the day.

  1. FLEXIBILITY: Digital billboard trucks are versatile because it is not confined to offline or online advertising method. They can broadcast anywhere, anytime, and at any place.

Traditional billboards are usually situated in one area, which means only those that pass that particular area can see a glimpse of them, while for digital advertising, users need to surf the web before they come across the advertisement.

Digital billboard trucks on the other hand allow you to combine online and offline advertising and spread it in your locality. Digital billboard trucks are not limited by geographic location.


  1. DISTRACTION: Digital billboard trucks are placed around important intersections, which distract drivers and pedestrians and become risky for them.

Glaring neon lights and signs have potentially deadly consequences for instance an eye-catching and bright digital billboard truck can risk the life of the driver as it may distract them.


  1. UNCERTAINTY IN RETURN ON INVESTMENT: The return of investment on digital billboard trucks takes time and it is hard to calculate.

It is high to install a digital billboard truck for a large organization. The sales increase in the advertisement when thinking of unfortunate events such as damages.


  1. COST: Advertising on one digital billboard truck is not enough, as it is important to engage your digital billboard truck in more than one location for a minimum of time.

Getting several digital billboard trucks is expensive compared to the static billboard.


  1. LIGHT AND NOISE POLLUTION OF DIGITAL BILLBOARD TRUCK: The brightness of the digital billboard is usually very bright and we usually feel eye discomfort;

This is the so-called LED SCREEN LIGHT pollution. It is also dangerous for drivers to see the high brightness of the digital billboard trucks while driving at night.


  1. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: The operation and installation of a large digital billboard truck are not easy especially for a layman or beginner as it involves a high chance of mistakes.

Due to a lack of understanding of technology, operation, and repairing the beginners may lag. The choice of the wrong location can also be a disadvantage.


In conclusion, a digital billboard truck is very reliable and effective for marketing and advertising your brand.  The use of the digital billboard truck also comes with disadvantages.


Every product that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. However, the discussion shows that there are several setbacks when using digital billboard trucks, but going further we can say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Despite the setbacks, the digital billboard truck is still the best means to rely on, because it helps in reaching the right audience faster.

If you have thought about using a medium of advertising, now is the right time. Choosing the best outdoor advertising for your brand might be tedious, the same goes with choosing the right one.

Call 08140806869, 07014039333 for a free consultation on mobile led advert trucks or any other forms of outdoor advertising.

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