Get 2 months of a corporate business email address for free – na**@yo*********.com


corporate email address in NigeriaHow to get 2 months of a corporate business email address for free – yo******@yo*********.com

Sending emails from your corporate email address like na**@yo*********.com helps to enhance your corporate image. The challenge is that if you rely on the email from your website hosting server, you will have issues with being able to have your important business email delivered into the recipient’s inbox, most often the email goes to spam or is not delivered at all, because your website hosting server is not an email server, Hence the reason serious business people host the corporate email on a proper email server.

But with the naira sliding downwards against the US Dollars on daily bases I can understand the negative impact it is having on your business!

We had a client who is right where you are now some months back, the client had 48 staff and all had corporate email addresses at $6 per user per month which is $72 per year. And $72 x 48 = $3,456 (Three thousand four hundred and fifty-six dollars), as at the time he wanted to renew with the previous provider the exchange rate was 655/$1 and he was to pay N2,263,680.

When I told him we could save him a million naira, you can understand the joy, we migrated his account to another corporate email provider that charge just $25 per year, $25 x 48 user = $1200, 00 x N655 = N786, 000.

We actually saved him N1, 477,680 (One million four hundred and seventy-seven thousand six hundred and eighty naira)

You are losing lots of money using an expensive corporate email address provider because they show you lots of other features when in reality what you and your staff use is just an email.

My kind advice to you.

If you don’t want to switch to a more affordable email platform, another thing you can do is create a corporate email address for only the senior staff names, and for the rest of the staff create a department-based corporate email address.

For your admin department for example, instead of creating a corporate email address with an individuals names like jo**@yo*********.com, create ad***@yo*********.com, With that method, you will save money in two ways

  1. If you have 2 people in admin both will use one email and enter their names when they are sending an email.
  2. If anyone resigns and you employ another person you don’t have to pay for a new email account for the new staff, the person will just continue from where the other staff left off, that way no communication will be lost as well.

Corporate email address price comparison in Nigeria


Providers Google G Suite Microsoft Office 365 Private Corporate email
Monthly cost per user $6 $6 $2.5
Minimum Yearly cost per user $72 $72 $25

The only difference is that the first two have some other features like Video, Documents, Spreadsheet, etc. But you can get all those other features at no cost online and offline.

If you have up to 5 staff you are most likely losing lots of money yearly, and it will continue to increase as long as the Naira continues to slide downwards against the US Dollars.

Take action today and save more money you can channel into other important parts of your business.

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