Outdoor Billboard Advertising in Nigeria



Outdoor billboard advertising in Nigeria

Outdoor billboard advertising in Nigeria is one of the advertising strategies used by many firms. It consists of billboards, which are big outdoor advertising structures that display adverts to promote a brand or run a campaign. A visually appealing billboard advertisement attracts passers-by’s attention. During traffic and go-slows, billboards on important routes keep people interested.

Billboards become tools for capturing the public’s attention with a compelling message. Advertisements on busy roads are more likely to influence viewers’ thoughts and consumers’ judgments about a brand.

Outdoor billboard Advertising exposes your brand and increases awareness about your products and services to a larger audience, allowing you to establish credibility and trust, which are core factors influencing their purchase decision.

Types of Outdoor Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Billboard advertisements vary depending on your marketing campaign requirements and other factors such as size, content format, and so on. This allows small and large businesses to choose the style of billboard advertisement that best suits their budget. We will explain 5 for the sake of this article;

  1. Digital Billboard
  2. Portrait Billboard
  3. Unipole Billboard
  4. Eyecatcher Billboard
  5. Bridge Panels
  6. Gantry Billboard
  7. Backlit Billboard
  8. 96-sheet Billboard
  9. Bulletin Boards
  10. Mobile Billboard
  11. Wall drape and wall panel

  Digital Billboards

Digital BillboardDigital billboards are computer-controlled LED displays that can display ads, text, numbers, characters, symbols and other content. They can also be adjusted remotely or automatically using electricity or digital technology. Every six to eight seconds, advertisements on digital billboards and signage rotate in a slide show style. Digital billboards are sometimes known as LED signs or digital signage. Top-tier advertisers are increasingly using digital billboards because they are visually appealing, always visible and recognizable from a distance. It allows advertisers to launch campaigns almost immediately.

Portrait Billboards

Portrait billboards provide cost-effective coverage for inner city and retail areas with high pedestrian or traffic activity. These portrait sites are normally available in three common sizes: 3m x 4.5m, 4m x 6m, and 6m × 10m. They are commonly referred to as Style Panels. These billboards are ideal for retail since the creative can easily be transferred from magazine advertisements to billboards.

Unipole Billboards

Unipole billboards are large boards erected on very tall poles because of their long-range visibility and utility. It has been shown to provide significant results. A unipole’s distinctive rectangular shape allows advertisers to be innovative in their message content.

Bulletin Billboards

Bulletin billboards are the most common, standing 48 feet wide and 14 feet tall and capturing both vehicles and pedestrians. It is typically encountered on expressways, highways, and heavily trafficked roadways. They provide tremendous brand awareness in crucial locations.

Bridge panel Billboards

Bridge Panel Billboards are large advertising displays mounted on the sides or above roadways, specifically on bridges. Their size and location offer high visibility to commuters. Bridge panel advertising can be expensive compared to other OOH options due to their prime location and large format.

Difference between Static and LED Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Static and LED are two display technologies that are most dominant in the competition for viewers’ attention. However, how can you pick the best one for your requirements? Let’s examine their advantages and disadvantages in more detail:

Static Billboards

Static billboardsAny printed signage that is not meant to be updated or modified frequently is referred to as static signage. This usually refers to billboards, advertising hoardings, directional signage, notice boards, fixed printed signs, banners or posters.

  1. Static billboards are easier and more Economical: Static displays are the workhorses of the advertising industry. Compared to LED displays, they are typically less expensive to make and maintain. Static displays include signs like traffic lights, billboards and posters.2. Crisp Image Quality: Static displays are excellent at displaying detailed and high-resolution images. Rigid content means that fine details can be displayed without worrying about flickering or blurring.3. Robust and Weather proof: Static displays are frequently constructed to resist inclement weather. For long-term outdoor applications where continuous messaging is crucial, they might be perfect.4. Restricted Flexibility: The main problem with static displays is that they are not very flexible. The content is set once it is printed or generated. Because of this, they are inappropriate in scenarios where dynamic information needs to be displayed or changes often.

LED Billboards

LED BillboardsLED Billboards, also known as Digital Billboards, are digital displays composed of small light emitting diodes (LEDs). These small diodes come in three colours: red, green, and blue (RGB), and they combine to produce a pixel. LED billboard display images that are changed every few seconds by the computer.

  • Eye catching and dynamic: LED displays are the superstars of the display industry; they are dynamic and eye-catching. Real-time text, images and colour changes which provides an engaging and dynamic experience. They are therefore ideal for drawing attention in busy places.
  • Versatility Unbound: The size, resolution, and even shape of LED displays can be altered. They can be used for showcasing artwork and educational presentations, as well as for advertising and live sports results.
  • Remote Control and Scheduling: Content updates are possible on the go with remote control of LED displays. This offers amazing versatility when it comes to scheduling content changes or controlling different displays.
  • Increased Cost and Maintenance: Compared to static displays, LED technology is more expensive because of its complexity. Furthermore, because LED displays incorporate electronic components, they require additional upkeep.

Benefit of Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Benefit of Billboard Advertising1. Broad Reach: Unlike other advertising mediums, billboards offer constant visibility, reaching a large audience across multiple demographics. When strategically placed in high-traffic areas, they serve as constant reminders of your business, increasing awareness and visibility among potential customers.

2. Constant Visibility: Unlike other advertising mediums, billboards offer constant visibility. Rain or shine, day or night, your message will be prominently displayed, ensuring uninterrupted exposure to consumers.

3. Targeted Advertising: Companies can tailor billboard campaigns to specific demographics or geographic locations, maximizing the relevance and impact of the advertisement.

4. High influence: Properly designed and strategically positioned billboards may engage people and make a lasting influence. Their larger-than-life appearance stands out, beautifully breaking through the clutter of current advertising. A captivating billboard design combined with strategic placement can trigger emotions, pique curiosity, and increase brand recall, resulting in more consumer engagement and loyalty.

5. Building Brand recognition: Effective billboard advertising not only promotes a product or service, but also increases brand recognition. Marketers can create consumer trust and credibility by tying the new item to an established brand. Even if customers aren’t immediately interested in the new product, increasing brand awareness can lead to future sales and client loyalty.

6. Creating Buzz and Excitement: Strategic advertising can generate buzz and excitement about new products or services. Billboard advertisements can inspire anticipation and excitement from their intended audience by employing inventive narratives, appealing visuals, and compelling topics. This anticipation frequently leads to increased curiosity and interest, leading customers to seek more information or even make a purchase.

Best Practices for Outdoor billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Below are some best practices to consider for a successful billboard advertising campaign in Nigeria:

  1. Target audience:
  • Identify your ideal customer. Before anything else, identify your target audience. Age, economic level, geography, and interests will all have an impact on where you place your billboard and what message you convey.
  1. Location:
  • Prioritize high-traffic areas with clear sight from several lanes. Consider important highways, busy intersections, and regions popular with your target demographic.
  • Although Lagos has a vast audience, consider other major Nigerian cities or places related to your target market.
  1. Design for Impact:
  • Use simple, bold images to capture the attention of drivers with little time. Use clear, attention-grabbing graphics and succinct messaging with a strong call to action.
  • Include cultural references or pictures that resonate with the Nigerian audience.
  • Use color intelligently to stand out from billboard clutter and increase visibility.
  1. Static Vs Digital:

Consider the pros and cons: Choose between static billboards (fixed message) and digital billboards (variable content). Static billboards are less expensive but provide less flexibility, whereas digital billboards are more expensive but support dynamic content and updates.

  1. Measure and Adjust:

Monitor your outcome; although gauging the impact of billboards can be difficult, keep an eye on website traffic or mentions of the campaign on social media. You may want to A/B test a few different designs to determine which works best.


Selecting the ideal outdoor billboard advertising for your company is very crucial. Before choosing the most effective billboard to raise awareness, businesses and brands must carry out their due research.
Customers are searching the market for goods and services that they can clearly see, thus the business must use the most effective billboards to reach their target audience in the right location.
I   have no doubt that the company’s sales and profits would rise as a result of the marketing department’s sound strategy and well-chosen outdoor billboard advertising. Investing in public relations will attract possible customers.

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