7 Promotional Gift items and Election branding materials printing in Nigeria – Giveaways items or Products


Promotional Gift items and Election branding materials Promotional Gift Items and Election branding materials printing in Nigeria – Giveaways items or Products: The materials you need for success

The Modern Day Nigeria election campaign will consist of a mix of printing promotional gift items, digital marketing, and traditional advertising to guarantee victory and success.

To run an effective election campaign in Nigeria, you need to adopt a diversified and aggressive communication strategy. This means promoting the candidate and their values through digital channels like Websites, Mobile apps, social media, SMS, Voice SMS, etc. And through traditional channels like TV, Radio, Billboards, newspapers, also printed communication like promotional gift items, etc.

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Social media platforms let you talk about a candidate’s campaign day after day, even hour after hour in real-time. You can share videos, images, and live streams. So, you should definitely make the most of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Superfan, etc in your election communications.

However, you need to remember that the social media platform’s audience is heavily skewed towards young people, whereas the electorate as a whole has a much older demographic which uses social media far less than the youth. For these voters, traditional printed communication remains a tried and tested method.

The Key advantages of offline communication and printed electoral material in Nigeria.

On the internet, our attention is overloaded by enormous amounts of information on a daily and hourly basis. This, however, does not happen when someone is walking down the road and sees an election poster, is handed a candidate’s business card or picks up a flyer and stops to read it.

The electorate can read it straight away, or at their convenient time when they get to the office, home or shop, and that printed message will always be there: it won’t be lost among thousands of social media notifications.

Furthermore, holding printed material of a candidate involves the reader’s sense of touch, as well as sight, which stimulates more areas of the brain, increasing the likelihood of the message being remembered.

So, while a candidate can pretty much campaign live on social media, printed election material/gifts remain essential. That’s why both strategies are needed to support each other and strengthen the candidate’s image among potential voters.

Effective election campaigns should include Election campaign material.

To run an effective electoral campaign, you need to convey clear messages and capture the attention of the electorate. There are many printed materials for doing just this. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Promotional Gift Items and Election branding materials printing in Nigeria – Giveaways items or Products

1. T-shirts
2. Printed Election stickers, pin badges, and promotional gift items
3. Hats & Caps
4. Umbrellas
5. Printable Hand Fans
6. Reusable Bags
7. Reusable Water Bottles etc

1. T-shirts
Branded T-shirts are always a huge hit with political campaigns for many reasons. First of all, Nigerians love receiving them. That’s not the only key reason though.

The real benefit of election campaign products like t-shirts is that they allow your message to continue long after specific events like rallies end.

The People wearing these T-shirts keep spreading your candidate’s message as they wear them over and over again until election day.

2. Printed Election stickers, pin badges, and promotional gift items
Why not actively involve your supporters and electorates in the election campaign? With customized pens, pin badges, stickers, etc, You can also make future voters an integral part of the election campaign.

Promotional Gift items are always popular and spread quickly, from one person to another. A pin badge worn on a jacket, a pen used at work/school, or a sticker placed in the right place becomes small but effective reminders of the forthcoming Nigeria elections.

3. Hats & Caps
Wearables like Hats & Caps are always a good bet because they are useful long after rallies and other campaign events are over.

With many campaign events held well ahead of voting day hats and caps offer abundant opportunities for attendees to show off their new gear at future events or simply to wear them around town.

Hats and Caps have proven amazingly useful in past political campaigns in Nigeria, and have even gained some degree of notoriety in political circles.

The point to remember is that hats and Caps are easily identifiable, easy to wear, and seen by many.

4. Umbrellas
Come rain or sunshine, this election year coming 2023. Umbrellas offer supporters and the electorate the advantage to show their love for their favorite political party or candidates no matter what the weather is doing by providing shade from relentless sunshine and protection from the rain.

5. Printable Hand Fans
People get hot on the campaign trails and other events, and hand fans can help audiences keep their collective cool. Print them with a campaign or party slogan and hand them out freely – especially at rallies and other events.

Printable Hand Fans can be given as gifts to donors and supporters alike. With some events being held outdoors or in crowded, overheated spaces, these campaign fans may be some of the most sought-after items at your next campaign event.

6. Reusable Bags
Reusable grocery bags with a party logo or campaign logan are almost ideal promotional items for political campaigns this 2023 election session.

They are easily customizable to display the messages of the candidate’s choice and they are incredibly versatile. Think of all the things people use reusable canvas bags for on daily bases:

A. Supermarket trips
B. Carrying books and other materials
C. Trips to the gym
D. Running errands

These reusable customizable grocery bags are not only useful, and highly visible as supporters go about their days, but they also share important messages about a party and a candidate’s commitment to the people.

You can even offer customized reusable sling backpacks with campaign messages to allow the hands-free carrying of your message day in and out until the election day, and to show support for candidates once election day passes.

The more of these bags you pass out at events or schools, the more opportunities abound for people to promote your candidate actively and passively as they go about on daily bases.

7. Reusable Water Bottles
Giving out Reusable Water Bottles instead of one use bottle of water is not only to protect the planet.

Reusable water bottles are indeed useful Printed campaign materials items that people often take with them wherever they go.

If water isn’t something you get all that excited about, they also have reusable cups for hot and/or cold drinks that are equally big hits.

Make sure you choose items that are easily portable so they get added exposure as supporters carry their bottles or cups with them as they go about their busy days.

These 7 Campaign materials for election get top marks from campaigns and constituents alike.

Make sure you have a wide cross-section of Campaign merchandise ideas to hand out at events to keep people coming back for more and encourage them to spread the word about their favorite political party or candidates.

Listed above are just a few things needed for a political campaign out of many options.

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