Nigeria Social Media Awards 2023: Recognizing Excellence in Digital Engagement


Nigeria social media awards 2023

The Social Media Awards Nigeria 2023, an esteemed event that celebrates exceptional individuals and organizations in the field of online engagement, will hold in a few months. As evidence of the power and influence of social media, the Nigeria Social Media Awards serves as a platform to honor outstanding achievements in content creation, influencer marketing, brand promotion, and digital innovation.

Get ready to dive into the world of social media excellence and learn what to expect from this year’s event, which will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Nigerian digital landscape.

Highlighting Nigeria Social Media Awards 2023

The Nigeria Social Media Awards 2023, which will be hosted by Alternative Adverts Ltd in conjunction with other brands, is set to captivate social media enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Taking place at the prestigious Eko Hotels and Suites, this highly anticipated event promises to bring together digital influencers, brands, marketers, and content creators under one roof.

Explore the impressive lineup of categories of influencers that will be recognized and commended for their efforts, and those who have made a significant impact in the online sphere, binding their position as trailblazers in Nigeria’s social media space.

Nominees and Categories for the Social Media Awards 2023

The Social Media Awards 2023 features a diverse range of categories designed to showcase the dynamism and creativity of social media in Nigeria.

From Best Content Creator and Influencer of the Year to Best Social media influencer of the Year and Emerging Social Media Platform, these categories illuminate a spotlight on the contributions of individuals, brands, and organizations that have made a remarkable mark in the Digital World.

The nominees for the Social Media Awards 2023 would be carefully selected by industry experts and social media enthusiasts who have assessed the impact, engagement, and relevance of each candidate’s online presence. The shortlisted nominees will represent the top-tier offering inspiration to aspiring social media stars.

Celebrating Social Media Impact and Innovation through the Nigeria Social Media Awards

Beyond individual achievements, the Nigeria Social Media Awards also recognizes the transformative power of social media in driving positive change and fostering innovation.

Special categories such as Social Good Initiative and Digital Innovation Awards will pay homage to those who have harnessed the potential of social media to create a lasting impact, promote inclusivity, and drive forward-thinking solutions.


As the Nigeria Social Media Awards 2023 approaches, excitement builds for an unforgettable evening, celebrating the brilliance and influence of social media in Nigeria.

This event not only applauds individual achievements but also showcases the remarkable ways in which social media has reshaped communication, business strategies, and society as a whole.

Embrace the Social Media Awards Nigeria 2023 as a reminder that behind every viral post, engaging campaign, and influential online persona, passionate individuals and organizations are propelling the digital revolution in Nigeria.

Stay tuned for updates via on this prestigious event and witness the power of social media in action.

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